Are You Using QR Codes?

Are QR Codes becoming Old Hat?

In today's rapidly changing technology environment what was tomorrow's latest technology innovation can rapidly become consigned to the rubbish dump.

Is your Logo doing your Business Justice - Part 2

Does your logo meet all your marketing requirements? Or is it blurred or undecipherable at larger or smaller sizes? If so it is not doing your business justice.

Use of the @ Symbol

Called the “snail” by Italians and the “monkey tail” by the Dutch, @ is the sine qua non of electronic communication, thanks to e-mail addresses and Twitter handles.

The Benefits of Digital Magazines

The benefits to publishing either a digital edition or a digital only magazine are many fold.

Analog vs. Digital Printing

There’s a significant transformation in the printing process when comparing analog to digital processes.

How to Design your Banner Ads

Some things to think about when designing your banner ads.

Creating & Printing Greyscale from RGB Images

There are many ways to create greyscale images from RGB images; however, to create a greyscale look and feel that you want, you must control two aspects of this process: Where and how your RGB is converted into greyscale.

Is your logo doing your business justice?

Memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and appropriate are five commonly used terms when it comes to logo design which businesses are encouraged to adopt for their logos. But is this always appropriate in every case?