Joomla 3.0

Joomla Content Management System is a great website tool for a modular and expandable, fully customisable websites. Version 2.5 became “end of life” in December 2014, so it is important to consider either upgrading your website now if the version you are currently running is less than this or to plan an upgrade all the way up to Version 3 as soon as possible.

Facebook's Declining Organic Reach

Facebook Zero Edges Ever Closer

According to a recent article published by Matt Kapko on CIO - Facebook's Declining Organic Reach a 'Real Nightmare' for Marketers - due to continuing tweaks to Facebook's algorithms, the organic reach of brand pages are expected to decline further and faster than the current rate. Facebook Zero, as marketers are calling the point at which Facebook's Organic Reach drops to zero percent, could be with us sooner than expected.

Top Smartphone Website Categories

According to Experian's The 2014 Digital Marketer Report 'Create intelligent interactions with your customers. Every time', the top smartphone Website categories are Search and Social with 65 percent and 56 percent of smartphone owners visiting a site in each of these categories, respectively, at least once a month.

Why Use Video on Your Landing Pages?

We all know that content is king when it comes to both user engagement and search engine optimization. If a picture paints a thousand words, just think what the impact of a carefully considered digital video on your landing pages could be. Video is a valuable visual rich marketing tool for your landing pages that can engage visitors and help get you message across to potential customers.

Online Marketing Trends

Most businesses and organisations use their websites these days as part of their marketing
strategy although there are a few exceptions where no marketing is required, usually in the government arena, be it local or national. 

Adobe Launches Major Update to Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Photoshop CC - New 3D Printing Capabilities

In the last week Adobe have unveiled new 3D printing capabilities in Adobe Photoshop CC. Adobe has radically simplified the 3D print process in Photoshop CC, as part of a major update to Adobe Creative Cloud. The new 3D printing capabilities integrated in Photoshop CC enable Creative Cloud members to easily and reliably build, refine, preview, prepare and print 3D designs. With this latest release, Adobe have set the stage for explosive growth in the 3D printing market.

Why Engage in Content Marketing?

Content marketing has been gaining in importance over the last few years and this trend looks set to continue in 2014.

According to a recent blog published by Uberflip on Business to Consumer Content Marketing in 2014, the top objectives of Content Marketing are: