Email Marketing Essentials

The workshop style course covers email marketing strategy, campaign planning and emailing for acquisition versus retention.

HTML email design and technology considerations will be covered as well as how to test and optimise your emails to improve inbox deliverability. Some time will also be spent focusing on your own e-marketing campain requirements and how best to implement these. The course includes practical exercises and Q&A sessions.

The course can be extended to include a hands-on course on production of HTML emails.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Current Marketplace
    • Email Lists
    • Planning an Email Campaign
    • Emailing for Customer Acquisition & Retention
    • HTML Email Design & Technology
    • Writing Effective Emails
    • Monitoring & Tracking
    • Website Integration
    • Challenges & Innovations
    • Future Developments.
  • Who Should Attend?

    This course is designed for those who have had some experience of email marketing but need to enhance their knowledge of email marketing strategy and the practicals of running an e-marketing campaign.

    • Marketing Personnel
    • Business Owners
    • Web and Digital Project Managers
    • SMEs
    • Web Designers
  • Takeaways

    You will be confident and proficient in;

    • Planning your email marketing campaigns - for either acquisition or retention-based emailing
    • Creating an email touch strategy
    • Creating a strategy to build segmented target lists using online tools
    • Creating and broadcasting HTML emails and surveys using online tools
    • Interpreting campaign metrics and making continuous improvements
    • Creating and testing landing pages according to best practice guidelines
    • Creating HTML emails using best practice design and development guidelines
    • Testing your email HTML across different email readers
    • Planning for future developments and innovations in email marketing.

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